Here’s Your Next Golf Outfit

A Three-Piece Getup To Wear Right Now

The holidays are fading into the rear-view mirror, and somehow you didn’t get the golf outfit you wanted.

No worries. Here’s a set of shirt, slacks and socks that’ll set you up for your next round, hopefully somewhere it’s warm.


golf outfit butter clothGolf Tips tested this breathable, soft, breathable polo in Hawaii in December, under skies ranging from rainy to brightly sunny, and it performed its job well – keeping the torso dry and comfortable while allowing plenty of room for big (but controlled) swings on a big course, the  Plantation at Kapalua.

The name of this shirt fits, and fits well. Buttercloth is 100% cotton, but it doesn’t wrinkle, even after a run through the washer (cold cycle) and dryer (delicate, or warm at most). Nor does it shrink.

And, yes, it translates perfectly to the office or restaurant, even if you don’t have time to change.

We wouldn’t mind a closetful of this garment. Comfy is king!


golf outfit hill city slacksGolf Tips fell in love with the Hill City light jacket last year, and now comes its Everyday Tech Pant to add to our look-good-and-feel-good lineup.

For one thing, the 97% cotton Athletic Fit pair we got our hands on (and legs into) is stretchable, especially in the “Adaptive Waistband,” which is where the other 3% comes in, as Elastane nylon. This combo is perfect for golf, again allowing plenty of movement through the swing, but they also look and perform great off the links – from business meetings to casual lunches. And they’re water resistant, a huge plus during the winter months.

There’s also a Slim model, but we’re down with the slightly roomier Athletic cut.


golf outfit incrediwearTired feet are a pet peeve among the Golf Tips crew, but these high-tech socks, available in either golf-specific crew, quarter-length or low-cut “sport thin” designes, they keep the dogs from barking as well as any we’ve tested over the years.

These aren’t just any normal nylon or cotton blend socks. Yes, those fabrics are on board, along with polyester and spandex, but it’s all infused with “carbonized charcoal” (as well as a semiconductor thread made from Germanium) to aid in circulation, wick moisture away from the skin and, most importantly, increase circulation and reduce swelling or inflammation.

To kick this performance combo up a notch, Incrediwear’s engineers design each sock specifically for left and right footing. What they’ve dubbed “cooling toe box and heel cups” provide even more comfort on and off the course.

Sounds like the perfect excuse to ditch the cart and actually walk the course for a change – and end the day with your feet feeling just fine, thank you very much.


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