GoGolf GPS Gives Voice To Distance Measurement

gogolf gpsVerbal digital rangefinders have been around for a few years, but GoGolf GPS is the smallest such device yet, weighing next to nothing as you clip it to the brim of your hat, on a belt loop, wherever — yet it’s as versatile and powerful as anything else on the market.

Touch the small button and it’ll not only give you what’s left to the center of the green, but even tell you how far you busted that drive down the middle, or any club you just struck, a great feature if you’re charting distances in preparation for a tournament or just honing your club selection skills.

Over 30,000 courses are pre-loaded, and the GoGolf GPS is equipped with Bluetooth to connect with one of the most detailed and functional smartphone GPS apps we’ve seen, with first-rate satellite graphics and pinpoint distance readings to any point on the course. We’ve tested this diminutive yet powerful gadget on courses from Nevada to Mississippi and it has been spot-on with its “readings” every time.By themselves the device and app are strong products; together they are a game-enhancing duo and a great bargain to boot.

www.gogolfgps.com | Check the price on Amazon!

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