Tour Edge Golf Adds Exotics XJ1 Driver

Lighter And Faster Are The Buzzwords For New Club

Tour Edge Exotics XJ1 Driver

Tour Edge XJ1A groundbreaking combination of a 9-1-1 titanium chassis, Kevlar-Carbon crown and three Tungsten sole weights distinguish Tour Edge’s new XJ1 Driver from its Exotics line predecessors. Its lightweight concept, combined with the most advanced ultra-­light Air Speeder shafts, allows players with moderate swing speeds to generate maximum distance  off  the tee.

“Most technologies of the past decade have benefitted players with higher swing speeds eliminating the majority of golfers,” said David Glod, president and founder of Tour Edge Golf. “We have been developing the XJ1 driver for over four years, working on each characteristic of the club, moving critical amounts of weight around for the best results, and waiting for the technology to catch up to our goal of bringing this extremely lightweight driver to the market which will benefit golfers with real swing speeds.”

The 9-1-1 titanium body is remarkably  light,  10  percent lighter than 6A4v titanium, allowing engineers to save significant weight in the body. The strength of 9-1-1 enables it to be thinner and more reactive, even at lower swing speeds. This effect combined with the overall lightness of the driver allows players with moderate swing speeds to generate more club head speed and more distance.

The Kevlar-Carbon crown is ultra-lightweight, durable and extraordinarily strong. This specialized amorphous material weighs a mere 12 grams, saving significant weight and lowering the center of gravity for ideal launch. An added benefit is its increased firmness, which results in amplified ball speed higher up on the face.

Utilizing SP 700 beta titanium in the face plate provides superior results since it is inherently thinner and more reactive. It also allows the face plate to be much larger than on a normal driver. Along with being larger, the face incorporates thinner edges allowing it to be Robotically Laser Bonded to the body. This process not only saves additional weight; it dramatically increases C.O.R. all over the face.

Near-perfect weight distribution is achieved in the 460cc head with three tungsten weights including two heel and toe stability bars at 10 grams each. The stability bars widen the sweet spot and increases the M.O.I. substantially for stunning forgiveness. A weighted tungsten screw in the heel is positioned strategically for draw enhancement and faster release of the clubhead through impact. Additional weights are available in a kit; 3, 6, 12, 14 grams.

Ultra‐stable lightweight Fujikura Air Speeder shaft is 45 grams of added power. Projected ship date is November 1. The XJ1 driver is available in 9, 10.5, and 12 degrees of loft, right hand only.

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