Honma TW757 Drivers

Japanese engineering at its finest


Ball speed is the word these days, and if you have such a pressing need the new Honma TW757 driver is engaging in some serious, JPL-level rocketry. A thin carbon slot reduces weight while adding strength behind the face to set a new standard for the company when it comes to “repulsion performance,” even on mishits. Initial ball speed is maximized even when you miss the sweet spot –which for me is every other swing!


Higher launch and less spin are owed to a thin layer of titanium in addition to the highly responsive carbon insert. The TW757 comes in two flavors: the 460cc “Type D” which indicates its enhanced directional control, and the 455cc “Type S” which is optimized for reducing spin, which of course adds up to more distance. Add to that the company’s hand-rolled Vizard shafts and you’ve got the complete recipe for power and accuracy. And a non-rotating hosel keeps the shaft spine perfectly aligned no matter what adjustable setting you prefer. For the record, the S model is for better players, the D offering more forgiveness and improved dispersion. Either way you choose, this is Japanese engineering at its finest.

Visit: www.honmagolf.com

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