Ben Hogan Back In Big Stick Game With GS53

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ben hogan gs53 driver

Ben Hogan’s driving prowess helped lead him to nine major victories throughout his career, including the Masters, U.S. Open and British Open in 1953.  In honor of his successes, the Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company has introduced the new GS53 driver and fairway woods, marking the Company’s first new offerings in these product categories in well over a decade.

The new woods line includes a driver, 3 wood, 4 wood … which is rare among premium brands … and 5 wood. The line is highlighted by the GS53 driver, a 445cc driver featuring a beautiful, traditionally-shaped titanium head with an adjustable hosel to change loft, lie and face angles quickly and easily.  The driver will be sold for $300 on   exclusively as part of Ben Hogan Golf’s factory-direct business model that eliminates retail mark-up, without compromising quality.

Made using two (2) separate pieces of titanium, the body of the GS53 driver is laser welded to the highly engineered 6-4 forged titanium face. The forging process maintains the integrity of the molecular structure and ensures a tight, uniform grain pattern that is free from “dead” spots. 

Ben Hogan engineers also utilized a design feature called Face Flex.  This allowed them to create an ultra-thin face at different thicknesses … from toe to heel and sole to crown  … to increase the size of the Effective Hitting Area (EHA) across the entire face.  Face Flex ensures maximum distance on shots struck in the center of the club face and minimizes distance loss on off-center hits.  Additionally, the score lines are precision milled into the forged face at exact and consistent depths and, combined with bulge and roll that is precisely engineered for the specific geometry of the face, provide exceptional accuracy.

The GS53 driver was also “acoustically tuned” to provide a pleasing sound at impact.  Finally, the famous Ben Hogan Speed Slot has been updated and incorporated into the driver design for better aerodynamics and more club head speed.

“Ben Hogan was famous for his no-nonsense approach to his game and his business,” said Scott White, President and CEO of the Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company. “We felt the designs and marketing claims in the driver and fairway woods categories had gotten out of control in recent years.  We’ve been working on the GS53 projects for a long time with the simple goal of delivering exceptionally beautiful drivers and fairways woods that provide industry-leading performance. No ridiculous hype, unnecessary technologies, materials or graphics … and certainly without the crazy price tags.”

The GS53 driver – which is offered in 9.0  and 10.5-degree models – also features Ben Hogan Golf’s proprietary adjustable hosel, which is ingeniously designed yet simple and easy to use.  Called Flight Control, golfers can change the loft of the driver up to two (2) degrees from the base loft — one degree stronger or weaker.  They can also change the lie angle and face angle from square to open or closed, to ‘tune’ the driver to exact specifications and/or desired shot shape.  All adjustments can be made in a matter of seconds by any golfer using the adjustment wrench provided.  The eight (8) adjustment settings are easily identifiable and do not require re-orientation of the shaft graphics or grip position.  This allows golfers to keep the shaft and grip aligned to their personal preference no matter which setting is selected.

The GS53 fairways woods were developed to be the perfect long-game complement to the GS53 driver. The head shapes are traditional, and all feature a low-profile design. Like the GS53 driver, the fairway woods utilized 2-piece construction – a stainless steel body joined to a C455 Maraging steel forged faceplate. The GS53 3 wood is 14 degrees, the 4 wood is 16 degrees and the 5 wood is 18 degrees.  All fairway woods also utilize Ben Hogan Golf’s Face Flex Technology and incorporate the Speed Slot design to increase both distance and accuracy.  GS53 fairway woods will be sold for $200 each.

Included in the cost of the GS53 driver ($300) and fairway woods ($200), which are initially available in right-handed models only, consumers can choose one of three super-premium aftermarket shafts, offered in multiple flexes and weights, including:

  1. Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black (low trajectory) –  valued at $300 MSRP
  2. Tensei CK Blue (mid trajectory) – valued at $250 MSRP
  3. UST Mamiya Helium™ (high trajectory) – valued at $225 MSRP

Highlighted by no-charge customization on all club orders, the Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company offers a number of consumer-centric programs, including: free domestic shipping on orders over $250, flat-rate international shipping and a low or no-cost financing program. And, recognizing that many golfers want to personally experience equipment before they purchase, the Company offers a simple, risk-free Demo program, as well as a Trade-UP program where golfers can offset the cost of their purchase by selling used equipment back to the Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company.

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