Bridgestone Test Drive Program Returns

Golfers Can Take Company’s Products For A Spin
bridgestone test drive

Bridgestone Golf  recently relaunched its popular Test Drive golf club demo program.

Test Drive, originally introduced full-scale in 2015, provides a low cost, no-hassle way for consumers to experience Bridgestone Golf hard goods prior to purchasing them. Test Drive features brand new kits of demo equipment from Bridgestone’s popular Tour B JGR line of clubs shipped directly to a golfer’s home, office or club for in-person, on-course, real world testing. 

Through Test Drive, consumers choose a “kit” of demo equipment based on their shaft flex and loft preferences on the Test Drive website to ship to their desired location.  Upon placement of the Test Drive order, Bridgestone Golf charges the debit or credit card provided immediately for $20 to cover the cost of shipping the demo clubs to the tester, as well as the cost of return shipping when the evaluation period has ended.

In addition, Bridgestone Golf will place a pre-authorized hold on the card on file in the amount of the retail value of the demo clubs. This hold is not a current charge to a tester’s debit or credit card account, but serves as a precaution to guard against theft and damage.  Testers have 21 days from receipt of equipment to return the demo clubs to Bridgestone before the hold amounts plus applicable sales tax are charged to their cards. 

“Bridgestone’s clubs have garnered a cult-like following among serious golfers,” said Zack Kupperbusch, Golf Club Marketing Manager – Bridgestone Golf.  “Our reputation for quality forgings and high-quality construction has made us a popular choice of better players, especially.  That said, we have limited retail distribution where a niche audience of golfers have access to our clubs.  Test Drive allows us broaden our reach and provide golfers throughout the lower 48 with the opportunity to demo our award-winning offerings at their convenience, anytime, anywhere.”

Bridgestone’s new XW-1 Wedges will be added to the Test Drive site beginning in early March.

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