How To Build Your New Driver

For A Complete Power Package, Get Club Fit By A Pro
new driver club champion


The Club Champion outlet closest to my home in Reno is tucked away in an upscale shopping center in Danville, California, about 45 minutes inland from San Francisco. There I met Derek Westover, an expert fitter who had blocked out a couple hours on the Trackman for me with one clear objective via the good folks at TPT: Get this guy into a big stick built just for him.

new driver club champion wall
Club Champion carries just about every brand of driver you can think of.

I had been instructed to lug my entire set of sticks to Club Champion just in case we decided to take spot swing samples through the bag, but on this day it was all about the driver — no sidetrips to the next room for putter fitting, no just-for-fun wedge workouts. I was fine with it, and after 20 or 25 warm-up swings and “practice shots” onto the big-screen, hi-def virtual range that would help determine my long-ball future, I was geared up to put in some serious work with a variety of heads from several major OEMs — Callaway, Cobra, Ping and TaylorMade — with a couple shafts other than TPT just for comparison’s sake.

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