Srixon Updates Z-Star Series Golf Ball

srixon z-star series 2019

Srixon has launched the sixth generation Z-Star Series golf ball featuring the all-new FastLayer Core, which starts soft in the center and gradually becomes firmer around its edge — enhancing ball speed for maximum distance performance while maintaining exceptional feel at impact.

The new Z-Star balls feature new Spin Skin technology with Slide-Ring Material (SeRM), a urethane compound that digs deep into club grooves, dramatically increasing friction and maximizing spin for more control and more stopping power on every shot.

“Engineered for more spin and control, the Z-Star Series features a Spin Skin coating enhanced with SeRM, an extremely flexible material,” said Jeff Brunski, Vice President of Research and Development. “Never before has Srixon combined so many technologies in one golf ball, to produce more friction for more spin around the green.”

The 338 Speed Dimple Pattern on each Z-Star Series golf ball improves overall aerodynamics for better flight performance, even in the toughest wind conditions, with drivers, woods and irons.

The softer urethane cover and Spin Skin with SeRM significantly increases greenside spin for more short game control. It features a four-piece construction with a smaller inner core and larger outer core for more distance off the tee.

“The new Z-Star XV is hotter off the driver,” said four-time Tour winner Keegan Bradley. “It’s definitely longer with my irons as well. So, it’s a ball that’s going to help you throughout the entire bag.”

The Z-Star XV employs a three-piece construction and slightly increased compression with a harder mantle layer for more ball speed, reduced spin and more distance.

All balls are available in North America on Feb. 1.

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