Bixtar Golf Ball Rolls To Market

Bixtar golf ballGolf balls are a crowded and competitive field on the golf equipment landscape, but there’s always room for a new model, especially when it combines great performance with great value. That’s the Bixtar Golf Ball in a nutshell: You can take advantage of its up-to-date design technology for under twenty bucks.

The Bixtar SL’s newly designed modified ionomer cover is unlike any other ball on the market. Bixtar partnered with leading aerodynamics engineers and utilized cutting edge technology to create high quality golf balls for the everyday golfer. Bixtar SL’s new precision design provides optimal spin, distance, and control to improve the game of all-level golfers while conforming with the USGA and R&A’s official competitive specifications.

After trying every kind of golf ball out there, it became clear to Bixtar’s designers that affordable balls lacked quality, while quality balls cost too much for the average, casual player. Two-piece balls on the market provided distance but were known to have a harder feel using Surlyn covers.  Most three-piece and four-piece balls on the market have a softer feel but don’t provide the distance that players with slower swings speeds seek. They sacrificed distance for a softer feel, but that is no longer the case. After countless hours in the R&D lab, Bixtar has managed to combine feel and distance golf ball using a unique formula and design that offers:

  • New modified ionomer cover using cutting edge technology
  • 432 aerodynamic dimple design for in-flight stability
  • Two-piece construction for extraordinary distance
  • Optimal spin rate for excellent greenside control
  • Low/medium spin off the drive
  • Medium/high spin off the iron

The Bixtar Golf Ball debut includes a special limited-time offer: buy a dozen and send any friend a free sleeve as long as they live in the U.S. It’s the perfect gift for the upcoming holiday season and beyond.

$19.95 per dozen |

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