Training Aids 2018: K-Motion

k-motion 2018

Building on the success of the original K-Vest and technology that dates back to 2002, K-Motion — which encompasses the K-Coach and K-Player systems — takes one of the game’s most complete four-dimensional motion capture protocols to new, more data-rich level.

“Moving from K-Vest to K-Coach is part of our commitment to helping every coach make their players better faster,” says Steve Diamond, Chairman of K-Motion. “K-Coach is not only our world-renowned technology but also our cloud-based platform and extensive education system for coaches to not only transform their players’ games, but also their businesses.”

The vest itself is lighter and thinner than ever, with additional sleeves for the arms and legs so players and teachers can view set-up and swing from every possible angle, including from above, and turn every motion into a target number so the student knows what moves to ingrain, which to avoid, and how to put it all together into a seamless, repeatable whole. K-Player 2.0, the company’s training-specific product for players, ensures a player practices the right movements for the right amount of time, regardless of whether they are with their instructor or alone. A coach sends a custom-tailored training program designed in K-Coach to the student’s K-Player, the player then downloads the program and begins practicing exactly what the coach designed.

A groundbreaking feature being introduced in K-Coach is Train to Your Best Swing. The process is simple: coaches of all levels auto-capture a group of swings, pick the best one or use the average of the group and then let the automated swing fitting feature convert that swing into a customized training program that guides the student to replicate and improve upon their best swing. It’s all delivered via biofeedback training and a cloud-based coaching platform that enables superior monitoring of players and connection to K-Player.

The seamless connection between coach and player extends the lesson tee, making it feel like an instructor is at every practice session. It’s a bonanza for today’s number-driven techno-geeks, though old-school feel players will benefit, too.

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