Shafts 2018: TPT Custom-Fitted

tpt custom-fitted shaft

Based in Switzerland, TPT has carved out its own niche with a combination of materials and by-hand winding processes that yield batches of shafts with the same frequency, controlling the finishing process to within one micron. TPT custom-fitted shafts are incredibly precise.

“We are unique to the industry. We’re vertically integrated,” says Jeff Meyer, technical director. “Mitsubishi makes our fiber, we make our own resin systems. We use a tape winding process that allows us to get fiber orientations from 0 to 180. We can reduce torque, stiffen the tip, soften the tip. We have infinite design opportunities. And we only use authorized fitters so we make sure that every golfer is fit with the right product. The automation process that we’re currently putting into action makes sure we’re that much more dialed in.”

TPT also employs a proprietary numbering system to denote its flexes — from 15 (lighter) to 19 (heavier), with lower and higher kick points corresponding to each number. This gives fitters the widest possible parameters to fitting every club to every player, right through the bag. Those with high clubhead speed often go with the lighter, higher kickpoint shaft, while slower swingers somehow find their way to the heavier shafts. David Leadbetter is a big fan and helps get the word out through his golf schools.

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