2016 Buyer’s Guide Grips

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2016 Buyer's Guide Grips



Champ’s new C1 putter grip is made from a soft, lightweight and great feeling polyurethane material offered in medium and large sizes to meet the market’s demand for thicker and more stable putter grips. By incorporating a familiar paddle design with an updated reminder-notch pattern, the C1 virtually eliminates wrist break-down for a more repetitive and consistent stroke. The grip has two bold digi-camo color options, Old Glory and Rainforest. $15.99/$17.99 | champgrips.com



Fueled by an exclusive Double Helix surface texture, Lamkin’s new Wrap-Tech grip delivers the perfect balance of comfort, control and feel. The traditional wrap-style features a unique dual pattern design that provides enhanced control and slip-resistance. Made with patented ACE material, Wrap-Tech is extraordinarily tacky and shock absorbing, making it perfect for all climates and conditions. Available in standard, midsize or oversize options, the grips showcase a black base color with white, red or blue detailing. Miguel Angel Jimenez, the Most Interesting Man in Golf, keeps making aces with these grips, so why not you? But that’s not all from Lamkin — they’ve also introduced the SINK putter grip, designed with innovative shapes, a proprietary lightweight rubber compound, and functional surface textures to promote greater accuracy, consistency and confidence. SINK models come in two distinct shapes, both of which include a curved-handle profile designed to encourage proper wrist alignment for a more fluid putting stroke. Both SINK shapes are available in 11 and 13 inch lengths. The rounded grip, offered in a blue-green color scheme, features a wider, straighter profile ideal for minimizing excessive hand action and creating a smoother, pendulum-like putting stroke. The squared grip, with orange and yellow accents, is ideal for feel-based putters and features a thinner shape with more pronounced corners. The result is a unique putter grip that offers exceptional feedback and putting control. $4.99 for Wrap-Tech; SINK from $12.99 | lamkingrips.com



Golf Pride is the most-installed grip in the world by far, and now they’re making a huge move in the oversized putter category with the new Tour SNSR. The new grips feature larger Tour-proven shapes engineered with innovative SNSR material that delivers unsurpassed Tour-level feel and feedback. The features a soft-tuned rubber formulation that gives these grips an extraordinary feel, and encourages a lighter grip pressure that golfers seek in creating a smooth stroke. Players can dial in the feel that fits them best with two Tour proven shapes, the Tour SNSR Contour and the TOUR SNSR Straight. The Contour is an evolution of the classic tapered pistol profile that is the shape preference of over 75 percent of Tour players, allowing golfers to “lock in” their upper hand for consistent hand placement that translates to more confidence in every stroke. Golf Tips testers loved the palm-cradling feel of it right away. The Straight offers a contemporary, non-taper shape promoting a consistent hand pressure and feel; its taper design features soft, rounded edges that are strategically beveled for palm and finger pad comfort. All four Tour SNSR models feature a wide paddle front, sculpted to promote lighter grip pressure and consistent hand placement, and each is finished with a traction-textured design that provides heightened feel and moisture control. They come in two oversize options, 104cc and 140cc. $24.99 | golfpride.com



This relatively new company — a pioneer in the oversized grip category — has already racked up its share of majors thanks to adherents like Jordan Spieth and Jason Dufer. Sergio is another guy who loves the secure palm-meets-fingers feel of SuperStroke. And with their newest “No Taper” model, dialing in that all-important equal pressure between the hands is even easier. They’re not tapered like conventional putter grips and lead to a more stable, repeatable and reliable stroke. Another innovation is the company’s “CounterCore” technology, allowing players to add 50 g to the weight of their putter at the top of the grip to increase stability and reduce face angle rotation. You can employ it on any model including the Pistol GT, Legacy and Flatso. And, yes, now offers grips for other clubs, too — the S Tech and TX1 Tour Extreme. $19.99-$34.99 | superstrokeusa.com


Another growing entry in the oversized putting grip field, JumboMax helped Bryson DeChambeau win both the 2015 NCAA Individual Men’s Championship and the U.S. Amateur — only the fifth time in history that one man has won both in the same year. The other four? Jack Nicklaus, Phil Mickelson, Tiger Woods and Ryan Moore. Now DeChambeau is primed to make noise on the pro circuit, too, armed wilth his favorite JumboMax grips through the bag, including the brand new Tour Series club grips. All are USGA conforming and simply fit your hands more securely thanks to a patented “Finger-Palm” design, leading to better ballstriking, accuracy and distance. It’s all about balanced energy and eliminating one hand taking over the other at the instant of impact. $10.99-$14.99 | jumbomax.com




What sets most Tour pros apart from the rest of us in the putting department? Their ability to maintain an upright and straight hand position throughout the stroke. From the down-the-line view, that means they keep the putter grip and shaft in “flush” line with the forearms, which in turn keeps their hands square to the face and leads to a slew of buried 10-footers. The new series of P2 putter grips from Pro Impact Golf puts this crucial power literally in the palm of anybody’s hands, thanks to a proprietary design of two facing flat sides that fill out both facing palms and virtually eliminate the ability to twist the club at any point in the stroke. The P2 comes in four configurations and sizes — two with U-shaped undersides and a narrower profile, two more V-shaped with a wider look. All have a soft, no-slip rubber finish to facilitate light pressure and ultimate feel. Then it comes down to your hand size and personal preference. Whether you’re traditional or left-hand-low, they work equally well. $29.95 | proimpactgolf.com


Winn has been a premium manufacturer of golf grips for 20 years now. To celebrate this milestone they are introducing our new 20th anniversary Dri-Tac. Available in 3 sizes — standard, medium and oversized — these unique anniversary grips come in a traditional copper color. They all feature Winn’s signature WinnDry polymer. Combining comfort with exceptional non-slip all-weather performance, they add a traditional look to the hottest line of grips in golf. On the putting side, the new Tour Pistol is designed for players who prefer a traditional size and shape putter grip. Well-defined edges offer accurate alignment and consistency. All new models — standard, midsize and jumbo — come in a unique tone-on-tone color look with an enhanced hexagon pattern, which provides great feel and slip-resistance, promoting light grip pressure. Starting at $5.99 per grip winngrips.com

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