Hybrids 2018: Tour Edge Exotics CBX

exotics cbx fairwayTour Edge is adding three new lofts to its popular Exotics CBX Hybrid line — 17, 19 and 22 degrees, giving it six altogether. Six different loft options makes the Exotics CBX the most extensive hybrid line available, with more lofts available than any other manufacturer that has hybrids in play on the professional tours.

Several players on the PGA Champions Tour, in particular, are putting these clubs into play. “We’ve got a dozen guys out there playing the fairway metals and hybrids, accounting for 60 Tour wins,” said Jon Claffey, Tour Edge director of marketing.

The Exotics CBX’s unprecedented range in hybrid lofts provides a loft for every possible distance scenario and also provides the golfer the ability to expertly choose the best gaps for shots off the tee and/or shots from the fairway or rough.

“They are the only titanium faced fairways and hybrids on the market,” said Claffey. “It sounds better and goes further. This fairway metal tested 16 yards farther than the [Callaway] Epic. The titanium face is combo brazed with a stainless steel body and carbon fiber on the crown, raising the CG, so we call them the spin killers.”

exotics cbx iron-woodAlong with their first-ever titanium face, stainless steel body and carbon fiber sole configuration, the new CBX line includes the company’s TrueLoft System. Through extra quality control methods in the bending process of unfinished heads, plus a triple-check on loft and lie in the final stages of the club head making process, Tour Edge is committed to making sure that each club head fits the exact loft that is listed on the club head.

“Tour players need to be dialed in to the exact yard with their hybrids, which can be a very hard feat to accomplish,” said Master Club Designer and President of Tour Edge David Glod. “With six available lofts and four more with our CBX Iron-Woods, we are making a commitment to the hybrid category like no one else in the industry. We wanted to make sure that each loft serves its exact purpose and that is why we implemented the TrueLoft System in our R&D process. In the end, we end up rejecting more heads than what others would and that leaves us knowing that our investment is paying off in spades on the golf course.”

Also in the CBX line are new iron woods in black or stainless steel — “like the old driving irons,” Claffey said, adding that they form a seamless set. “And our hollow body CBX irons are huge; we were one of the first to do it, and we are throwing our hat in the ring again.”

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