Holiday Gift Guide

Our Favorite Golf Goodies For 2016

Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Word is Santa is diligently working on his golf game for the post-holiday lull, and in that game-improvement spirit, Golf Tips once again offers a slew of goodies for the golfer in your family with its 2016 Holiday Gift Guide. From bigger-ticket items like clubs and travel packages to cool stocking stuffers, we’ve got everything you need to get that list filled.


Offered in a 15-degree 3-wood and 19-degree 5-wood, Powerbilt’s Air Foil features technology that helps shots get airborne quickly and easily. Because such clubs generally sport a shallower clubface, their trampoline effect is reduced. The Air Foil’s dual slot wave design, however, creates an accordion effect: The thin face flexes inward at impact, initiating the buildup of Nitrogen pressure inside the club-head. Then a trampoline effect takes place, as the face is thrust back to its original position at a high velocity to generate rocketing ball speed and increased distance. As with Air Force One’s DFX Driver, the Air Foil fairway woods employ the edge-to-edge sweet spot that greatly enhances forgiveness on off-center hits. Through independent testing, the Air Foil proved to be one of the easiest fairway woods to hit off the deck, creating a high trajectory on-line to the target. The club design increases how fast the face flexes at impact, promoting faster ball speed across the face, which promotes consistently longer distance on every swing. To further enhance shot performance, the nitrogen valve is positioned to increase MOI and create an optimum launch angle.

$149.99-$199.99  |

Antigua Apparel 2016ANTIGUA GOLF APPAREL

Antigua has long designed and produced some of the most comfortable attractive clothing lines in golf, for both men and women. A brand new fabric, “Perfected Pique,” was developed exclusively by Antigua for its 2017 performance collection, some of the most comfortably classic polos to date. These styles are the “must haves” this season. Where the Pique Xtra-Lite is a hard working functional staple, Perfected Pique is the luxury counterpart. Several styles incorporate this enhanced fabric. Endure is offered in the season’s full color palette and is simply styled with understated details which include a self-fabric collar with under-collar edg stitch-ing and a reverse hem cuff. With the simplicity of styling and drape of the spandex embellished fabric style, “Endure” exudes elegance. “Style” Revives pattern is a classic color-to-white one inch repeating stripe with a matching flat knit collar and hemmed cuff. “Revive” speaks to nostalgic vintage while the fabric reflects its high-end technical quality. For 2017 women’s wear, the most creative and fun polo style is “Rogue,” which mixes the entire color palette in an all-over linear sublimation print. This style can be worn with any color pants or shorts along with any white or black bottom a woman might already have at home. Since the print is bold, styling is traditional with a button placket and open cuff. The knit skort, called “Cinch,” is a best-seller in solids, but now you can get it prints.

$149.99-$199.99  |


Arccos Driver is a performance tracking and live competition system that delivers real-time data for tee shot distances, fairways hit and more. The single-sensor automatically detects each drive, then uses a player’s smart phone to record second shot position without the need for tagging or other disruptions. Endorsed by two-time World Long Drive Champion Jamie Sadlowski, Arccos Driver also includes advanced GPS to any point on nearly 40,000 courses worldwide, and new driving games based on distance and accuracy. Other features: Distance and accuracy stats for every drive and round; personalized challenges based on performance history; live leaderboards for daily, weekly and monthly driving competitions; social bragging via one-touch posting to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; and precise shot detection that distinguishes between real and practice shots.

$79  |

bigmax-autofoldBIG MAX AUTOFOLD CART

The Autofold FF features a unique folding mechanism that allows all three wheels to open and fold automatical-ly with one simple hand movement. This eliminates the need to separately secure small moving parts seen on traditional push carts. New fold-flat technology makes the cart easy to store and transport, leaving plenty of room for clubs and gear in the trunk of any car, locker or garage. The durable frame holds all sizes of golf bags while carefully positioned storage compartments fit multiple accessories.

$269.99  |

biion-stackableBIION FOOTWEAR

Biion made its triumphant debut at this year’s PGA Merchandise Show. It’s a shoe for the golfer brave enough to break away from the norm and play by their own rules. Made of state of the art ultra-light, ultra-flexible Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA) material, the shoe  takes a modern twist on a classic design. Biion is incredibly light, and EVA’s Nano-molecular structure also provides an effect of smoothness and gives a consistently comfortable fit. It moves with your body with every step, giving you a connection to the ground like no other shoe. It’s the closest you’ll ever feel to walking in bare feet. The spikeless hexagon-patterned cleat with Hextra-grip technology provides maximum strength and stability — the best possible traction. This distinctive line features a color spectrum and performs like no other, which embodies the company motto, “Defiantly original designs.” There truly is nothing like it.


Created for mid- to high-handicappers, the new JGR cavity-back set’s innovative design improves consistency and distance control on approach shots.  Unique to the game-improvement category, they are forged from premium 1020 carbon steel to provide superior feel at impact.  Available as a seven-club set – 5-iron through approach wedge. Augmenting attractive, classic styling, distinctions include:

  • Increased Offset – Promotes higher trajectory and steeper descending angle for reliable stopping power into greens
  • Large Sweet Spot – Creates exceptional forgiveness thanks to a hitting area 4% bigger than Bridgestone’s popular J15 CB irons
  • Tapered Rear Mass – Carries a low center-of-gravity for easy launching distance
  • Wider Sole with Beveled Edge – Minimizes digging for smooth turf interaction
  • Longer Face – Distributes weight and stabilizes MOI to reduce distance and loss of accuracy on off-center strikes.

$899 steel, $949 graphite |


What is a Yorkshire pig doing on the cover of a book about golf? Let this hilarious tome enlighten you. In less time than it takes to play a round of 18 holes, author and golf nut Mati Encarnacion take a sneak peek into golf’s caddie experience, an adventure enjoyed by only one percent of players. Kicking off with the perhaps the goofiest golf glossary around, from Ace to Woods, it’s it’s got cartoons, cockeyed tips and enough jokes to keep your regular foursome howling for many a round. Inspired by true stories from caddies at top golf destinations around the world, Caddie Tales for the 99 Percenters will entertain golfers and non-golfers alike.

A movie and TV show are even in the works.

$9.95 on Amazon  |


Carnoustie Sportswear’s Fall 2016 performance apparel line blends new pattern and color ways into their timeless pieces, include Classic, Desert and Resort. The Classic Collection is composed of blues, blacks, white and grey hues. The Desert Collection brings the fall ’16 season to life with its orange, white, brown, and grey color-ways. The Resort Collection includes brighter blue and green hues that are mixed with greys and blacks. Staying consistent with the previous seasons each collection includes a variety of polos, lightweight cotton interlock outerwear, cotton suede outerwear, belts and trousers. New additions for the brand include collaboration pieces from Aristo18 and Nexbelt and a Carnoustie Tech full performance line. The Lightweight Cotton Interlock Sweater is a great piece to keep you warm during the colder months ahead. Nothing affords easier layering than an easy on/off full zip jacket. Another focal piece is the mercerized cotton knit jacquard with subtle patterns and tonal designs.


CHAMP’s newest grip model is designed with premium rubber that provides a soft feel and excellent durability. The C2X’s clean, traditional look is complemented by a debossed repeating surface pattern that helps to increase hand traction in all-weather conditions. Introduced on the PGA Tour at the Wells Fargo Championship in May, the C2X has been quickly adopted by a number of elite players, who cite the soft and tacky feel as the reason why they made the switch.

$3.99 each  |


Golf Tips gave the newest version of this putter, the Classic Series cx2, a glowing review earlier this year and we’re sticking by it. It delivers the incredible stability and forgiveness of a High MOI mallet in a visually stunning, traditional blade style putter. It’s the best of both worlds. The Classic Series includes two new models: the cx1, a square back blade; and the cx2, a round back blade. These 100%CNC Milled aluminum putters are slightly oversized (5-inch blade length) with tungsten weight inserts in the heel and toe, plus 42g of weight adjustability via six removable weights, providing a simple, traditional look at address. The sound it makes at impact, and the pleasing response the player gets, makes it a true winner.

$299.95  |

Wilson Duo Spin Golf BallDUO GOLF BALL BY WILSON

Wanna play softball? Well here you go. The new 29 compression DUO and its companion product, the 35 compression DUO Spin, build on the success of the original 40-compression DUO ball. Wilson Staff established its low compression leadership with the launch of the Staff Titanium in 1997. They call DUO the “World’s Softest Golf Ball”; 25 percent softer than the original DUO and longer in distance, this newly formulated 2-piece golf ball provides low driver spin, exceptional yardage and unparalleled soft feel to the distance player. The multi-layer DUO Spin is designed for the control player who wants that greenside workability and spin but still prefers ultimate feel and lower driver spin for added forgiveness off the tee.

$19.99 per dozen  |


Gift shopping for golfers can be difficult. They tend to be very particular about their equipment, their apparel, where they play and everything else about their games. This holiday season, however, the spectacular Five-Diamond Fairmont Grand Del Mar in beautiful San Diego, California, is making the shopping easier with its All He Wants for Christmas package that sure to delight all golf lovers (male or female).

The package features:

  • Overnight accommodations at the luxurious Fairmont Grand Del Mar
  • One round of golf on The Grand Golf Club’s exceptional Tom Fazio-designed golf course
  • Custom-fitted driver, guest may choose make and model (excluding PXG clubs)
  • Four-course dinner for two at the resort’s award-winning Addison restaurant.

In short, it’s the perfect golf getaway, and one that special golfer will never forget. Package rates from $1,100 double occupancy. Available for stays through February 28th, 2017.

To learn more, contact your travel professional or visit Fairmont Grand Del Mar.


So, you’re getting in a round of winter golf, the wind is picking up and the temperature is heading south, which means the hands aren’t exactly cooperating. Pack it in?Heck no, not if you’re packing a pair of Glacier Glove Katmai Fleece Overmitts. Ostensibly designed for hunters and other outdoorsmen, they work well for golfers, too, protecting the lower forearms, wrists and hands. When you’re ready to grip the club, just push the lower fleece flap back, push your paws through and take your shot. Even if you’re wearing a waterproof jacket, you can always use an extra layer of protection on the extremities and keep the fingers functioning, right?

$29.99  |


This is a potent herbal formula powered by Arnica. Its unique blend of herbs and essential oils soothes aches and pains. Arnica is known for its natural anti-inflammatory properties, which help to soothe aches and pains from injuries and adventures. Green Goo Sportsman Goo is a power-packed herbal formula that helps to soothe and moisturize your skin, while naturally aiding its ability to heal. Our proprietary blend is the first defense for cuts, scrapes, blisters, sunburns, chafing, poison ivy, and dry, cracked hands & feet. It helps to relieve the sting of insect bites and can be used as a wound dressing. It’s an “all-in-one” first aid kit for the guy who loves to play in the outdoors.

$7.95-$9.95 |


Any NFL fan worth his beer and nachos remembers Fred Biletnikoff, wide receiver for the Oakland Raiders in their 1970s heyday, who put so much stick ‘em on his hands that the ball would nearly have to be pried away with a crowbar. Well, present-day NFL tight end Matt Furstenburg, who’s also an avid golfer, took that legend’s method to heart when he came up with Grip Boost, a tacky spray that keeps your glove and grip from getting slippery under any weather conditions, no matter how sweaty you get. And it works well. After all, the key to golf is a consistent shot, and the key to a consistent shot is a good grip. We’ve all let our grips get too worn before replacing them, which, of course, means tightening the hands and losing feel and power. A quick spray of this stuff takes care of that problem no matter how new or old your grips are. Two years of research led Furstenburg to create Grip Boost Football Gel, one of the top inventions out of University of Maryland and an Amazon bestseller, for his football gloves. Now it’s the golfer’s turn to hang on and start racking up better scores.

$12.99  |


We’ve got apps for everything else in your golf game these days. Why not one for our feet — as in weight transfer and balance measurement via a spikeless shoe built with Bluetooth sensors? Samsung is going there with its new spinoff company, IOFIT. The world’s very first smart golf shoe available for pre-sale. IOFIT is the only wearable technology that analyzes a golfer’s balance to give them actionable feedback on their swing. IOFIT’s groundbreaking technology uses embedded sensors to track swing information from the ground up, acting as a virtual coach for players of all skill levels. You’ll know immediately if you’re swaying, getting too much weight on the toes or heels or, horror of horrors, succumbing to the evil reverse pivot. The IOFIT shoe is lightweight and comfortable with great traction and breathable lining. One charge of its lightweight battery will last up to five days. The data it picks up with every swing syncs via Bluetooth to iOS/Android on smartphone/tablet, and you can even add optional video sync to create video of your swing. Compare stats with pros and receive actionable feedback, download swing data from top players for quick comparison and, yes, send your progress to friends or coaches. Preorder now for delivery in February 2017.

$189.00  |

l2-closeup-moi-maxL2 PUTTERS

This oversized, heavier-than-usual putter stands on its own — literally. Designed by a former United pilot named John Ambrose and launched at the 2016 PGA Merchandise Show to acclaim, the L2 has racked up accolades including Best New Putter for 2016 by and Best New Products at the PGA Show by Linksnation and Golf Life. After testing on several speeds of greens, Golf Tips would like to offer its recommendation, too — it’s virtually impossible to hit a putt off-line with the L2. Why? Simple: gravity and momentum. The L2 MOI MAXX putter incorporates size (6.25 inches toe to heel with a 3.5 inch impact zone) and weight (a whopping 620 grams, nearly twice as much as average putters) into a perimeter design producing the highest M.O.I. (moment of inertia), in golf, which means overall head stability from takeaway through follow-through. It’s stellar on distance and direction control, giving golfers an anchor style, pendulum feel without the need to anchor. Add in an extra-long grip (either standard or oversized thickness) and the stability factor goes up even more. “By adding a 200 gram, 16-inch grip to the L2, we moved the stroke motion feel past the hands and wrists and into the arms and shoulders,” said John Ambrose President of Lateral Line LLC. “This allows for a smooth, pendulum motion and discourages the yips.” The flat sole keeps club head in place after alignment and bold parallel alignment marks frame the track line to the cup. The L2 MOI MAXX comes with a black powder-coated head, white decal package, and matching head cover. Standard length and lie angle is 33 inches and 73 degrees. Custom head colors, decal colors and fitting options are also available.

$169.99  |

lamkin-z5grip-black-frontLAMKIN Z5 GRIPS

The new Z5 grips from Lamkin are the most advanced multi-compound grips on the market. Made with a proprietary rubber compound, they feature five distinct zones designed to enhance performance and comfort by using scientifically engineered texture and color technology. The horizontal pattern and soft cord weave under the upper hand augments grip stability and traction, while a shallow micro texture at the bottom improves feel and comfort for the lower hand. Carefully designed color patterns and a simulated rope texture in the middle zone promotes proper hand pressure and placement.

$7.99 each  |


Nothin’ wrong with a second-hand golf ball! (a subsidiary of PG Professional Golf) is the No.1 seller of recycled golf balls in the world. They use an assortment of divers to retrieve balls from ponds in nearly every state in the U.S. and clean and sort them based on condition at their Texas headquarters. is able to provide its customer with “like new” balls at a fraction of retail prices. They have all major brands. The company has grown tremendously over the past few years and is now responsible for 6 percent of all golf balls sold on Earth. Since the mid-’90s they’ve sold more than 500 million balls, which if laid side-by-side would stretch halfway around the world.

Prices vary  |


“The Belt With No Holes,” Nexbelt’s innovative technology gives golfers maximum comfort with minimal adjusting. The belts are cut-to-fit (up to a 45” waist size) and the unique ratcheting system called PreciseFit allows the wearer to adjust the belt in quarter-inch increments, providing the golfer with the best fit, feel, and fashion available. Its team of Staff Professionals includes PGA Tour Players, “Mr. 58” Jim Furyk, Kevin Na, Marc Leishman, Jason Bohn, Jarrod Lyle and Greg Chalmers and LPGA Tour Player Katie Burnett. Over 150 belt/buckle combinations for both men and women are available.

Starting at $34.95  |



Perhaps you’re thinking you’ve been there and done that as a well-traveled golfer, but let’s kick it up several notches by taking an unforgettable and unique “golf couples” cruise or safari designed by PerryGolf, America’s leading provider of luxury golf cruises and golf tours to the world’s most desirable destinations. They’ve come up with three amazing trips for 2017. Start

with the Mediterranean Islands Golf Cruise Oct. 21-28 aboard the Azamara Quest. You’ll depart from Barcelona and visit Valencia, Mallorca, Menorca, Sardinia and Corsica on the way to Rome, with four rounds of golf worked in, plus seven nights in a Club Suite with personal butler service. Price is $5,544 per person plus airfare. Rather cruise closer to home? Check out the Caribbean Golf Cruise by Mega-Yacht, Feb. 4-11. Ports of call include Virgin Gorda, Nevis, St Kitts, St Barts, Anguilla and Jost van Dyke on board SeaDream II, with seven nights in a Commodore Suite (Deck 2) with personal butler service and three rounds of golf. Price $7,849 per person plus airfare. If you’re just not that into cruises, go all in for “The Best of South Africa Escorted 2017 Golf, Safari, Cape Town, the Winelands & Garden Route,” March 2-16. We’re talking 14 nights — four on Safari — with six rounds of golf, plus wine tours and sightseeing. Price is $9,950 per person plus airfare.


It’s the Keurig for beer lovers. PicoBrew’s latest release – the Pico – brings the fresh, on-draft craft beer experience into your kitchen with just a push of a button. Pico is simple. Just fill it with water, load a fully biodegradable PicoPak from one of over 100 of your favorite breweries (think Rouge, 21st Amendment and Abita) and you’re set to go!Preparation takes about 10 minutes, the brewing process about two hours, and the accelerated fermentation process finishes in 3-5 days, depending on the style. Cheers!

$799.00  |


The Twister’s patent pending exclusive technology features a revolutionary 3-pronged metal retractable system that out performs all other divot repair tools. The new and improved Twister 2.0 features a better shape, smaller size making it easier to carry, ergonomic design for better grip during use, new internal mechanism assures durability and release of ball marker in all directions. There’s a fixed magnet that prevents loss during use. Equipped with SLIM-Lok, a new low profile fastening system, this durable cleat has a patented “C” wear indicator which turns solid when spikes need to be replaced.$16.00  |


New for 2016, PiviX is a lightweight, low-profile golf spike that incorporates spring-flex traction technology engineered to ergonomically feed the spikes into the turf. This design provides optimum traction throughout the rotation of the swing. PiviX represents a tectonic industry shift wherein golf shoe manufacturers are able to develop lighter, more comfortable and lower-profile designs, allowing golfers to get closer to the turf for improved stability, feel and balance throughout the swing.

$14.99 (pack of 18)  |


Combining basketball and golf, the Hot Shot Putting Cup is a fun and unique way to practice putting or host friendly competitions among all ages and skill levels, or just to have fun on your own (Golf Tips has its own branded model in its office so we can get in a little practice while editing the world’s best instruction). Easy to set up and with the ability to play on any putting surface, including carpet, golfers better

their skills by hitting a golf ball up a slight gradient into a hoop and making “baskets.” The putting cup forces players to fine-tune their putting alignment by forcing the player to use the pendulum stroke in order to find the hoop every time. Made in the USA with AB recyclable plastic.$19.99  |


This is a stocking stuffer that’ll give the avid golfer in your family an immediate warm feeling, especially on those pain points — elbows, wrists, knees, wrists, shoulders — that plague all frequent players. Owner/inventor Dr. Tara O’Brien-Adkins has developed an organic, pleasant smelling remedy for all types of inflammatory ailments from sore joints, stiff muscles and even mosquito bites. SorePoint automatically elevate their games and allow players to expend maximum effort on every drive. It’s especially effective on tendinitis, or “golfer’s elbow” — overuse of the muscles and tendons of the forearm, leading to inflammation and pain around the elbow joint. The main culprit is vibration up the club shaft caused when the ball is struck. As this motion is repeated dozens of times on every round, it’s no wonder that pain continues in many golfers long after the round has ended. This analgesic, all-natural oil, roll-on or cream takes care of that, and quick.

$24-$28  |

bg-tech-apps-14aSC200 SWING CADDIE

The portable SC200 Swing Caddie Launch Monitor is unlike any other personal training device out there, and it’s great for golfers of all skill levels, allowing access to a launch monitor virtually anywhere without the need to make a major investment. With its voice enabled capability, the SC200 simultaneously displays and calls out carry distance, swing speed, ball speed and smash factor after each swing. Choose among practice, target and random modes; the SC200 Swing Caddie always allows players to receive specific instant feedback. The remote control allows you to change settings without taking a step.

$349.99  |


Every golfer knows that the key to gaining yardage through the bag is by building a stronger core, which leads to a more balanced and powerful swing. Enter the Strongboard, which harks back to those spring-loaded playground animals we’d ride as kids — except you stand on this sucker and immediately feel its bodybuilding effects. Four large springs are mounted on a platform, and atop the springs is the Strongboard itself. Just getting centered on your two feet is a chore at first, but with some practice you’ll find yourself moving through the included, recommended full, upper and lower body exercise sets  — push-ups, squat-lunges, bridges, mountain climbers, yoga poses and more, some augmented with hand weights — with increasing strength and confidence. The Strongboard is built for anyone looking to improve muscle strength and overall posture, but for golfers who struggle with staying centered and balanced from address to follow-through, it’s a godsend. There’s even a YouTube video featuring teaching pro Doug Hendricks that shows how to get to the point where you’re swinging in perfect balance … on one foot! This is a great way to get in shape for the coming golf season. There’s a two-spring “mini” model, too.

$269-$329  •

tgaclubsboysredTGA JUNIOR GOLF CLUBS

If you are looking for gift ideas to promote this holiday season in your magazine or on your website, then consider TGA’s new line of junior golf equipment, the perfect gift for a son or daughter. TGA boxed sets of clubs are offered in seven color-coded sizes based on height with right and left-handed options for both boys and girls making it convenient and affordable for parents to fit their junior golfer. TGA’s equipment is designed with technology that makes it easier for beginning and experienced junior golfers to excel. This is especially true with the driver, which is one of the largest driver heads on the market for juniors. In addition, the technology in the TGA junior irons creates easier and more consistent shots by distributing the weight from the hosel out along the top-line of the club creating a well positioned sweet spot in the center of the clubface.

$89.99-$149.99 |


Tour Edge Golf barrels into its fourth decade with the same mantra— bring quality products to the market at an affordable price. Its new Hot Launch 2 product line fulfills this “Golf’s Most Solid Investment” motto on every level through full customization, affordability, lifetime warranty, and a new 48-hour guaranteed delivery at no extra charge. The new line is customizable to each player’s specifications — loft, lie, length, shaft flex, grip size — at no extra cost. Based on what is currently available in the golf industry, Hot Launch 2 clubs are the most affordable customizable products sold today. The 460cc adjustable driver ($199.99) is powered  by cup face technology with standard loft options from 8.5 to 12.5 degrees in 1 degree increments; the offset model ($169.99) allows the face to “square-up” at impact for straighter ball flight. Also in standard in offset models, the Hot Launch 2 fairway woods ($129.99 each) utilize variable face thickness (VFT) for more rebound, and a heavier sole weight creates a deeper center of gravity for easy-to-hit shots; the offset model positions the shaft line behind the club head. The Hot Launch 2 hybrid ($109.99) is available in 3, 4, 5, and 6 models, with club heads constructed from 450 SS hyper steel and a forged maraging steel face featuring VFT technology. The Hot Launch 2 Iron Wood ($79.99 each or $499.99 for a 7-club set) has a hollow 450 SS body and a forged maraging steel face makes this an extremely forgiving and easy-to hit-club. Hot Launch 2 Irons ($399.99 steel, $499.99 graphite) are the best-performing affordable customized iron on the market. A soft 431 stainless  steel  allows for better  versatility during  custom   building. Finally, the Hot Launch 2 Chipper ($69.99) is perfect for around the green and shorter chip shots with its super-wide sole and ideal heel and toe weighting.


Why commit to one private club when you can take your pick from dozens of exclusive properties across the country? That flexibility is the idea behind golf experience provider TOURGOLF and their individual membership program, wherein users purchase “credits” that can be exchanged for foursomes at member-only destinations in most major cities. Perfect for the business traveler or executive entertaining on the links.

$950/year |


Subtitled “An Illustrated Guide to America’s Majestic Dream Course,” This never- before produced compendium of Pebble Beach includes a Foreword by Jim Dodson and Introduction by Neal Hotelling, state-of-the-art hole-by-hole graphics of all 18 holes, testimonials and quotes from industry notables including 5 from the World Golf Hall of Fame. The book also includes  a gallery chapter of beautiful Dost images, essays on Spyglass Hill and The Links at Spanish Bay by golf architect Robert Trent Jones II, cartoons by Hank Ketcham and sidebars on The Lone cypress and 17-Mile Drive. This must-have volume is 146 pages, 10” x 10.5”, hardbound.

$40 |


Want to add some color to your golfin’ life? Burned out on basic white or even the standard yellow ball? Look no further than the new Varick Golf Ball from Starting Time Golf. They conform with USGA rules and are designed to deliver long distance, feel and accuracy. The balls are high-performance, metallic and neon-patterned balls certain to turn heads on the golf course. The balls come in eight colors, and are available in “Classic” and “Bright” assortment boxes of a dozen, as well as boxed sets and tubes of three balls. Guaranteed to brighten any Christmas tree — and any fairway.

$36.95 per dozen  |


Voice Caddie VC300 is the world’s smallest and lightest GPS device for golfers. The small clip attaches to your hat or belt and acts just like Siri on you iPhone: with a push or a swipe, a gentle voice tells you distance to the front, middle and back of the green. Designed to eliminate the hassle of complicated distance measurement during a round of golf, the VC300 automatically recognizes which course and hole is in play among more than 40,000 courses worldwide. Its clip-on, hands-free design and simple touch technology makes use of the voice guidance a breeze. And there are no additional subscription fees.$129.99  |


Wilouby knows what they’re doing in the manly gift department. They have been creating fine gifts since 1985 and have plenty of options for the suave gentleman. Need a little adult beverage for the golf course? Wilouby’s Stainless Steel flask with attached golf accessories is perfect! Keep all the essentials for a day with the guys in one place.


The holidays are all about giving, so consider making a donation to one of golf’s fastest expanding grow-the-game initiatives. Youth on Course, which uses such funds to subsidize junior golf rounds to $5 or less, grants access to the game for young athletes no matter their background. Last year the non-profit expanded from one to twelve states, surpassed 17,000 members and granted $244,000 in college scholarships. Course internships and caddie opportunities provided by the program also help ensure a healthy future for the game.


Another stellar stocking stuffer: The Zarma FLYtee is a performance tee that increases driving distance and accuracy. Incorporating a durable plastic design with a six-prong head, this tee is preferred by top amateurs, professionals and long drive competitors. Available in a variety of colors including the popular Neon options.

$5.99 (pack of 30)  |

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