HyVida A Breakthrough Thirst-Killer

New Hydrogen-Infused Water Perfect For Golfers

hyvida waterIf there’s one thing every golfer needs to keep a round going at full capacity, it’s adequate hydration. We all know that, we do our best to pound down the fluids especially in warmer weather … but water is water is water, right? Wrong. New on the lightly sparkling water scene is HyVida, which is infused with added hydrogen to add stamina, improve metabolism and reduce all those ailments that can destroy a golf swing, from migraines to bouts of nervousness.

Available on Amazon as well as Giant/Martin supermarkets, each bottle of HyVida — available in lemon-lime, raspberry and “Pure” — is loaded with the antioxidants of an entire orange, meaning it fights inflammation and gives each swallow even more raw hydration power than regular bottled or tap water. Studies have shown that hydrogen boosts memory and energy (visit any modern spa for further validation) and such boosts in liquid form are even better when they come without a whit of sugar, caffeine or calories.

Golf Tips testers took a case of HyVida for a spin and found that it does indeed slake the thirst while stretching out our energy levels, no matter what activity we’re engaged in. Flavoring is very subtle, it’s not over-carbonated and there’s none of the chemical aftertaste or side-effects of many of the popular sugar-loaded “ades” out there.

Next time you head out, skip the old go-to so-called thirst quenchers, and even forgo the plain water. Give HyVida a spin and reap the fatigue-busting benefits.

$27.50 for 12 12-ounce cans on Amazon

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