Drivers 2018: Honma Be ZEAL

houma be zeal driver 2018

This Asian company with American headquarters in Southern California offers high-end clubs that have gained a lot of attention lately, and the Honma Be ZEAL 535 Series is bound to get plenty of notice, too.

The Be ZEAL 535 series offers the performance features casual golfers seek day in and day out. An evolution of the Be ZEAL 525 series, the new line combines quality materials with the latest golf technology, resulting in more distance, more forgiveness, and more “zeal” for the game.

The Be ZEAL 535 Driver features Groove Power technology that results in as little as 8 percent of performance variance across the face. A 7 gram weight, positioned near the heel of the head, lowers the center of gravity, promoting a draw biased ball flight aimed at helping the 75 percent of golfers who hit a fade or slice. Next generation head shape lowers the center of gravity, resulting in higher launch angle and greater distance. The head and shaft are built as a single unit to maximize performance; the Vizard Shaft, designed specifically for the Be ZEAL 535, offers an improved kick point, enhanced stiffness higher in the shaft and improved vibration dampening material, resulting in low spin, high launch, tight dispersion and greater overall distance.

The Be ZEAL 535 Fairway and hybrids feature the performance qualities seen in the driver. From Groove Power Technology for greater distance across the face to a lower CG for higher launch, these clubs are the perfect match for casual golfers seeking distance and forgiveness. MAP pricing begins at $325.

The Be ZEAL 535 Irons offer the perfect combination of distance and forgiveness for the casual golfer, with innovative slot technology, a proprietary .1mm titanium face, and tungsten weights that lower the center of gravity.

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