Buyers Guide 2017: Callaway Epic Sub Zero Driver

epic sub zero driverCallaway calls the new Great Big Bertha Epic Sub Zero Driver “a true paradigm shift in tour driver per-formance.” Its power is based on Callaway’s innovative new Jailbreak Technology, which fundamentally changes how the head and clubface behave at impact to deliver more ball speed and distance. At impact, a metalwood’s face flexes and the crown bulges upward while the sole bulges downward. Jailbreak bars form a firm connection between the crown and sole to inhibit their flexing. That puts more of the load of impact on the face. Physicists call this “energy lensing.” In Epic, it promotes faster ball speed for more distance. The clubhead consists of an aerospace-grade titanium Exo-cage outfitted with a crown and sole pan-els made of triaxial carbon, an extraordinarily light and strong composite material developed by Calla-way. The crown weighs just 10.8g, the sole panels 7.4g. The weight saved is strategically repositioned to create Epic Sub Zero’s extraordinarily high MOI, which measures a full 40 percent higher than the Big Bertha 816 Driver when Epic Sub Zero’s heavier interchangeable weight is in back). Two interchange-able weights (12g and 2g) positioned at the front and back of the sole, which can be used in tandem with the Optifit hosel, give players the ability to adjust the spin-rate, the launch angle and MOI. The club’s unique head construction allows engineers to position the Center of Gravity low, deep and in line with the head’s neutral axis, which is defined as a line that intersects the geometric center of the face and runs perpendicular to the loft. Head speed gets a boost from Callaway’s Speed Step technology. Designed with the direction of aerospace experts, the Speed Step, located on the crown, improves aerodynamics for more speed and distance.
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