Apps 2018: V1 Instruction System

v1 instruction systemV1 instruction continues to evolve its leading platform by announcing a new product matrix offering options for all levels of teaching.

“Golf instruction and how instructors teach continues to evolve,” Chris McGinley, CEO of V-ONE Sports, said. “By asking the right questions including where and how, and listening closely to our V1 teaching professionals, our job is to provide the right tools and a pathway to success.”

Whether teaching full or part time, in a bay or studio with fixed cameras, with mobile on the go in multiple locations, or require branded communications and integrated marketing for a golf academy, V-1 has the right package to make an impact.

“We have people out testing it, and we try to make it the best we can,” said V-1 Vice President Gary Pallis. “The system is seamless; you video the swing with the app, upload it, the instructor gets an e-mail link to the video online. When he does the analysis, you get an e-mail back.”

Pallis added that V-1’s 5,000 teachers have done three million lessons to date. “We’re triple of anyone else, and it’s done by the top instructors.”

The V1 video instruction platform offers multiple options for teaching in a studio, on the range or both utilizing V1’s award winning Pro HD desktop and Pro App mobile software. V1 Premium packages provide video instruction, branding, integrated marketing in Complete, Studio or Mobile options.  V1 Basic packages are for individual instructors who just want the best video analysis tools.

Both Premium and Basic packages include the ability to capture and analyze video, create and deliver more effective, high quality digital lessons and deliver them via email, text, and cloud-based locker.  V1 allows for tips and drills to be integrated into lessons, and it offers a large range of professional model swings for compare and overlay during analysis.

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