Apps 2018: FlightScope Mevo

flightscope mevoThe FlightScope mevo, a portable and light-weight multi-sport radar that debuted in mid-2017 but is now better than ever, provides distinct data parameters and action video capturing capabilities for athletes to practice with a purpose.

“For the past 16 years, FlightScope’s products and unmatched technology have served as a trusted tool among professional golfers to improve and track performance metrics,” said CEO of FlightScope Henri Johnson. “I am proud mevo has joined our line of products as an affordable and reliable solution for consumers to take their skills to the next level.”

By simply synchronizing to mevo’s iOS and Android app, mevo captures video directly through the athlete’s smartphone. Athletes can practice without interruptions as mevo clips the videos automatically, before storing on the app for easy upload and sharing. The video clips are saved with data overlay highlighting key performance metrics to help athletes improve from their previous session. The mevo is currently available for golfers and baseball players, and will soon be available for soccer and other sports. Golfers training with mevo have access to performance data including ball and club speed, vertical launch angle, carry distance, spin rate, smash, height and time. Baseball players using mevo are able to track statistics including pitch speed, pitch spin, exit speed, carry distance and vertical launch angle.

The FlightScope mevo was developed as a consumer product for athletes to practice with a purpose, but also works in conjunction with FlightScope’s coaching radars, which give coaches and instructors access to the athlete’s video clips and allows them to offer tips and feedback on the athlete’s performance.

Additional FlightScope products designed more for teacher and institutional use are the X3, XI Tour, XI Plus and Range. “The X3 is our flagship model that includes chipping and putting data, and also uses our new fusion technology which uses three-dot radar and also has a camera to better facilitate the accuracy of data,” said FlightScope’s Justin Wilson. “We have new parameters with putting and chipping data — face angle for putting, which is huge. We call it an all-inclusive unit. That’s the end goal. It will tell twisting of the face at impact as well. We are adding more data parameters as we go along.”

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