Apps 2018: 80Breakr Scorecard

80Breakr appTired of trying to keep score with a busted pencil, or worse, no paper card at all, forgotten until you’ve finished the first hole? Check out 80BREAKR, the only golf scorecard app partnering with golf courses, golf associations and PGA pros. 80BREAKR’s mission is to help golf courses thrive, and help amateur golfers improve. The app’s game improvement mode can be used on the range or course, and with the assistance of a PGA pro will help golfers lower their score and achieve their personal goals.

“It works like a real scorecard,” says inventor Tom Green, a mechanical engineer who has translated his Silicon Valley bona fides to the golf realm. “It sits there being a scorecard, but it’s got betting modes, GPS, distance to the center of the green. Just glance at it and you know. No grabbing a laser or clicking around. It has 30,000 courses all over the world, downloaded for free. It’s got all your stats— drive distance, putts, chips. It’s got info to take to your pro, a game planning feature, target scoring, a full score budget. So as you go along you can see how you are doing against your budget. It’s got automatic competitions, skins, nassaus, automatic, running below your score. Closest to the pin, long drive.”

You can switch between betting modes in real time and it keeps track of how every player in a group is faring against each other, and the course. “There are in-app purchases for betting modes for two bucks, we have lowest price GPS at $4.99 and handicap service for $9.99 that posts automatically.”

Participating 80BREAKR courses have a sign-in sheet at check-in and can offer it instead of a scorecard; players use the app. As partners they get the “Beer Me” button, which tells them when players on the course need service. The system can build in a turn menu on the app to pop up on the 8th hole so players can order the pro shop special. “That’s all included, no setup fee or yearly fee,” Stewart says. “It’s also available to them on an a la carte basis to push pro shop specials to players, for whom we have all the playing data. No more e-mails.”

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