Apparel 2018: Antigua Golf

antigua golf 2018As always, Antigua Golf puts its finger directly on the pulse of the widest possible range of style sensibilities with its 2018 offerings. Of course the spring line takes precedence well into golf season, but the fall line is right on its heels. Both manage to introduce new color combos and fabrics into the mix while continuing some of their more failsafe style trends, from men’s shirts to women’s skirts to reversible outerwear.

“We touch a little bit into the classics and we also have some kind of new age ‘hip’ design, so we’re trendy but we are still catering to the, you know, the 45, 55, 65-year-old golfers who know what they like,” said sales rep Tommy Scott while he took Golf Tips on a comprehensive tour of both men’s and women’s apparel at the PGA Show. “They [tend to] look at the same type of stuff all the time, and you want to keep up with the true golf game.”

Yes, but Antigua also excels at introducing modern materials into their classic recipes, especially in men’s shirts — the latest polyester weaves for moisture wicking and out-of-the-suitcase wearability, spandex for stretch, splashes of cotton for old-school comfort … even something that Scott called “holographic plastic that moves with you” while pointing to the shirt he had on. “I’ve worn some of these shirts 15 times and they still looks sharp and like they just came out of the box.”

Spring styles for the guys include “Exchange,” which integrates a fashion flat knit collar smoothly into a tonal top portion of the chest. It uses this season’s darker fashion shades (lots of comforting blues, mild teals and salmon) in the upper body and sleeves with a seasonal accent-to-white-to-heather-grey neutral hombre stripe. The fabric blend includes spandex for maximum comfort and stretch.

“Liquid” (a classic pique polo) and “Aerial” (supple poly-spandex) share two main brighter colors, with various striping widths and degrees of iridisence. The latter has eight color combos in all. “Unite,” meanwhile, employs multicolor end-on-end stripes intermittently paired, in five color mixes.

In all, Antigua’s spring lineup shows an emphasis on engineering styles with very cool and rich chest placement accent designs — five uniquely designed garments with patterns that, again, latch on to current trends and manage to break some new ground.

Scott echoed that philosophy as he made his way through a host of sporty women’s jerseys, skirts, skorts, sweaters and vests and a few examples of Antigua’s outstanding men’s items — the lines that keep his clients coming back for more.

“Most of my customers will mix in a couple of our essential new styles because the price point’s great and we have the cool trending stuff, but we’ve got kind of simple and classic ones for golfers who are less fashion forward and want to feel comfortable. Really the line is just diverse. There’s so much for everybody.”

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