Zamst Filmista Wrist: Golf Godsend

zamst filmista wristGolfers are notorious for suffering wrist maladies, from carpal tunnel to slight sprains to just plain soreness from pounding range balls or playing many, many rounds. The Zamst Filmista Wrist is the next generation of wrist support. By taking two ultra thin film layers and fusing them together, Zamst — which also makes a variety of ankle, knee, elbow, shoulder and back braces and supports have created Filmista technology. This second skin design provides support and stability to the wrist joint while maintaining a minimalist feel, and is used to help prevent and manage wrist sprains, tendinitis and instability.

“This is a good alternative to tape,” says company spokesperson Lauren Field. “You can’t rip it, and it won’t fall apart. It’s very innovative — we’re a medically backed company so all of that technology goes into our medical grade equipment and products.”

The ankle-based version of this product has already made big waves in Zamst’s home market of Japan, and it’s now available in the U.S. Filmista Wrist has just been introduced and is available in two sizes. Field says knee, calf and thigh versions will eventually come to market, too. | Check the price on Amazon!


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