Women’s PGA Championship Diary, Day Four

Top 25 Instructor Alison Curdt Reports On Her First Round

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top 25 instructors alison curdtJust as I did with Rob Labritz during the PGA Championship in May, this week I’m turning my column space over to Top 25 Instructor and LPGA and PGA Master Professional Alison Curdt, who competes in her sixth consecutive KPMG Women’s PGA Championship June 20-23 at Hazeltine Country Club in Chaska, Minnesota. Each day Alison — who teaches at Wood Ranch Golf Club in Southern California, is a licensed psychotherapist and in 2018 became the LPGA’s Teaching & Club Professionals Vice President — will tell us what it’s like preparing for and teeing it up alongside the world’s best female players.

By Alison Curdt

Today was certainly a trying day.

After a nice morning of sleeping in and getting ready to play, the weather rolled in during my warm-up and didn’t let up. With a 3 p.m. staring time, the rain came down pretty heavy with players scrambling to put on rain gear and keep everything dry for the day.

I was surprised how well the course took all the water as conditions were still very playable.

Finally, around the 9th hole, the rain broke for a bit and I went on a par streak, which felt great.  Near the end of of our round, almost around 8 p.m., the rain picked up again.

The round was disappointing to say the least, and the morning field experienced ideal conditions, but hopefully since I tee off in the morning tomorrow the conditions will be prime to shoot a good score.

We walked off the course at nearly 9 p.m. — what a long day! I grabbed a quick bite to eat, and I’m now heading to bed for an early wake up call for round two. Here’s to grabbing some birdies tomorrow!

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