Women’s PGA Championship Diary, Day 6

From Player To Observer To Top Golf Fan
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top 25 instructors alison curdtJust as I did with Rob Labritz during the PGA Championship in May, this week I’m turning my column space over to Top 25 Instructor and LPGA and PGA Master Professional Alison Curdt, who competes in her sixth consecutive KPMG Women’s PGA Championship June 20-23 at Hazeltine Country Club in Chaska, Minnesota. Each day Alison — who teaches at Wood Ranch Golf Club in Southern California, is a licensed psychotherapist and in 2018 became the LPGA’s Teaching & Club Professionals Vice President — tells us what it’s like preparing for the event, teeing it up alongside the world’s best female players and observing how they handle competition  

By Alison Curdt

Today was a great day for spectating and watching those that made the cut play the golf course as it was intended to be played.

Conditions were calm, a slightly overcast sky kept the temperatures at a comfortable level, and many of the tee positions were changed encouraging players to change strategies on the golf course.

I followed a few groups and had fun observing how they navigated the golf course. Having a player badge certainly has its perks when spectating on the course as seating was comfortable and prime for many popular holes.

After spending most of the day at the course watching some great golf being played, some other players and I headed to TopGolf Minneapolis—we just cant get away from the game!

We had a blast in the fun, competitive spirit of Top Golf and really enjoyed seeing all types of people enjoying the game of golf. The set up makes it accessible for all to have fun through golf—a wonderful game that is near and dear to many of our hearts.  It was awesome to bond with some of the other players off-site and build new golf relationships.

I’ll be excited to see who takes home the trophy tomorrow as there are a few players contending near the top. Groups will be sent off Nos. 1 and 10 as some weather is predicting to come in, and everyone will be in threesomes.

Stay tuned to see who closes out the day! I’ll be preparing to be a part of the awards ceremony to award the Low Club Professional honors.

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