Downhill & Uphill Chip Shots

Conquering Those Tricky Uneven Lies

Text from video for downhill and uphill chip shot: My name is Caleb Olsen. I’m the head golf professional here at Grizzly Ranch Golf Club. Right now we’re sitting a little bit right of the green complex on the 12th hole at Grizzly Ranch. And sometimes you can find yourselves in positions here of some uneven lies. I’m gonna show you how to hit a shot here with a severe downhill lie so I’m gonna talk about the set up a little.

I’m lefty so I’ll talk for the right-handed player as well. So here you can see where we have a severe downhill lie. The green complex is about 15 yards away. So what I like to do is get nice and wide. You need good balance on this shot here. And I’m gonna get my shoulder plain and weight going with what the golf course is telling me to do.

So my right shoulder, right handed player left shoulder, is gonna be lower than my left shoulder. It’d be your right shoulder for a right-handed player. So I get nice and wide. Set up, we got weight on my front leg here. Ball is just center of my stance. Maybe just back of that. And I’m gonna make a good shoulder turn. And just soft hands.

The key is just making a good shoulder turn here. We don’t just wanna do it with our arms and flip it. So I go right here. Just kinda hold this set up through and just turn my shoulders. And make sure you get your shoulders looking at your target on the finish. We’re on the same green complex here on number 12 here at Grizzly Ranch.

And you can see now we have a pretty severe uphill lie. So again, just like the downhill lie we just talked about, set your body up to what the golf course is telling you to do. I’m gonna set up here. Ball is gonna be just about center of my stance, maybe just back a little bit. My right shoulder’s now gonna be higher than my left shoulder, for a right-handed player your left shoulder would be higher than your right shoulder.

Just to go with the plane of the ground, the topography that’s out there. Okay. So I’m gonna set up here, keep my hands in front of the golf ball, and again the key is just making a good shoulder turn back and all the way through. If you do those things, I think you’ll have a little bit more success out there on these mountain golf courses.

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