Chunk Those Chips No More

Keys To Shoring Up Your Short Game

Text from the Video: Hi. I’m Kristin Walla, and here we are at the beautiful Orinda Country Club, here to talk to you about something that’s specifically an issue when we see a lot of rain like we have, and the ground is extremely soft and wet: chunking it. Nobody likes to chunk chips.

Two things I’m going to talk about today. One is shaft lean and the other is inside-out path. Both of those can leave you extremely susceptible to chunk shots. If you’re hitting in your chip shots with a lot of forward lean on that shaft because someone told you that you need to lean that shaft forward, it’s true, but we only need a slight amount of lean. We don’t want to see that shaft get way out in front, and all of a sudden we’ve created a knife.

When your golf club hits the leading edge, it wants to dig like a chisel. But we want to glide, like the back of a spoon on a bowl of ice cream. We don’t want to get any ice cream out, we just want to hit the backside of the club into the ground. In order to do so, we’re going to make sure that our club is coming up, and down, and leaning into that backside of the club, not the leading edge.
You’ll see shots glide right through the grass when you’re getting that club up and down, with minimal shaft lean at impact.

We’ve got to neutralize the hands, and make sure that your club isn’t whipping way inside, where you can create those deep, heavy divots way behind the ball. Remember those two things, shaft lean, which again can happen sometimes when we have too much lag. If we’re lagging through impact, we want to feel like that club stays right with us. Up, down. Keep it simple. Golf doesn’t have to be hard.

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