Downhill and Uphill Lies

How To Adjust For These Uneven Shots

Text for video on downhill and uphill lies:

Hi everyone, Derek Nannen with Eagle Mountain Gold Academy. We’re faced with one of these uneven lies that you’ll get quite often after your tee shot.

In this particular case, the ball’s going downhill. When you have this, a couple key things to do prior to your swing. One, always move the ball up the slope. In this case, you’ll be back in this stance. Number two, make sure your shoulders match the slope to help with the swing more upright, trying to get the divot in front of the ball. It should look something like this. Again, when your shoulders match the slope, put a little bit more weight forward and go ahead and walk down the slope on the follow-through. This will help ensure that ball first, ground second contact.

Faced with an uphill lie here, and there’s certain adjustments you need to make to get the best contact possible. Whenever you’re on a slope, uphill or downhill, try to move the ball slightly up the slope. In this case, forward in your stance. Another adjustment at the beginning, tilt your shoulders a little bit more than normal so that they match the slope. As you swing, try to swing up the slope. Take extra club, because this ball’s going to go very high. Should look something like this. Remember, the ball’s going to go very high. You’ll need extra club to get it there and do the best you can on that follow-through. For more information visit us at

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