‘Swoosh’ To Get More Power

Hello everybody. Here at beautiful Reynold’s Lake Oconee, I’m Charlie King, Director of Instruction at the Reynold’s Kingdom of Golf, and every day as a teacher I guess this question comes up the most. Charlie, I need 10 extra yards. I need 20 extra yards. How do I get more power? How do I hit the ball farther?

And as a teacher, one of the things I really like to do is I like to give  a principle. Now I’m going to give you some advice within the principle but if you get the principle, then you can make up some of this yourself. So one time I heard this story about Russian sprinters and how, in part of their training, they would run uphill to get stronger and they’d run downhill to get faster, and I thought, I’ve always thought that made sense to me.

So, what I did is, within the golf swing, we’re going to take this driver and running downhill for you to get faster, we’re going to turn the club upside down and we’re going to do what I call the “swoosh drill.” So the goal here, you’re going to get as much as hands as you can get, you’re going to get as much re-hand as you can get, and the goal is to get the swoosh at the bottom to be louder, and because there’s almost no weight down here, see, you’re running downhill. So you can go faster than you normally can. So you’re speeding your muscles up and training them that they can go faster.

But then we also want to run uphill to get stronger. So we’re going to take this power fan, and so it creates resistance, so now when I swing, it’s resisting against the air, and so now I’m having to pull harder. I’m having to use my leg more, use my lat muscles more and pull.

And then this other one I like a lot is called the speed stick and again, it’s heavy so that I’m getting my muscles accustomed to doing something that’s heavier, so now you take that idea, and again you can make up some drills on your own now that you know I need to go downhill to get faster. I need to go uphill to get stronger, and then we take our driver and make a good swing and hit a shot, hopefully about ten yards farther.

So do that and you’re on your way to a little bit more power.

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