Elevation Change and Club Selection

Risk, Reward Or Both?

Text for video on elevation change:

Hi. My name is Randy Chang, Director of Instruction here at beautiful Journey at Pechanga. Today’s tip is elevation change. Now, this is quite an elevation change. We probably got about 300 feet of elevation change going down to that fairway that you see there. Now, usually we want to take a driver since this whole measure is about almost 450 yards, but that elevation change takes away almost probably 80 to 100 yards through that elevation. What I would rather do here if you can see the fairway, instead of hitting a driver which narrows my gap of landing area to the left, I’m going to use more of a hybrid gear to allow myself a bigger target area to be able to make a second shot, because as you can see, there’s not much room of err right or left.

With the hybrid instead of the driver, it just expands my target quite a bit. I don’t have to be that perfect to hit the fairway. Now, for those big hitters that want to take a chance, a little risk/reward, I’d have to now aim down to the left but it narrows my hold area to land this golf ball, but I like taking chances. As you can see there, there was a lot of risk, no reward.

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