Golf In Hawaii

Kauai, Maui and the Big Island are golf heaven

When To Go

Weather on all of the Hawaiian Islands is consistent, with only minor changes in temperature throughout the year. This is due to year-round warm sea surface temperatures, which keep the overlying atmosphere warm as well. In practical terms, there are only two seasons: the summer months (called Kau in Hawaiian) that extend from May to October and the winter months (Ho’oilo) that run from November to April. The average daytime summer temperature at sea level is 85 degrees F. while the average daytime winter temperature is 78 degrees. Temperatures at night are approximately 10 degrees F. lower.

What To Bring

If there is one thing certain about Hawaiian weather, it’s to always expect the uncertain. Weather patterns can change from day to day, sometimes hour to hour, often with or without the occasional tropical shower. Always pack an umbrella and a lightweight rain jacket. You’ll rarely find a cold spot in Hawaii, but it can rain at a moment’s notice. Otherwise, when the weather is perfect–it’s shorts season for everyone.

When it comes to equipment, be sure to pack a few extra golf balls. In fact, pack as many as you can. Several of the courses in Hawaii are on the narrow side, often replete with elevation changes that can trick your eyes into believing there is or isn’t fairway to land your golf ball. And, buying a few extra sleeves when you get here can be costly.

Hybrid clubs are also a solid choice. As mentioned, fairways are sometime hard to hit, requiring accurate placements for a good look at the green. Courses here also tend to be shorter in overall length, thus making it a lot more important to hit the fairway than to hit the ball as far as you can.

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