A Chip Off The Tiger Woods Block

Guess What? Son Charlie Has Some Serious Game
tiger woods zozo

Big surprise: Tiger Woods’ 10-year-old son, Charlie, plays golf. And even now, his swing is on track to be every bit as good as the old man’s. Need proof? Look no further than this video from the Golf Channel’s Ryan Lavner, which has half of Golfing America salivating with envy. Who wouldn’t give a sizable Read more…

Put ‘Youth On Course’ And Bid On Great Golf

Online Auction Helps Grow The Game

The big catch phrase among golf cognoscenti year to year is “growing the game.” To me that doesn’t mean bulking up the bottom line, though that’s a plus. Nor does it mean expanding the PGA Tour to every corner of the globe. It means getting kids on the links in any way possible—and giving them Read more…