Why So Many Golfing Quarterbacks Are So Good

Our Pros Say It’s All In The Footwork
golfing quarterbacks romo

Over the past couple decades, golfing quarterbacks have pretty much dominated the celebrity player set, leading to fun pieces like this one, which ranks seven of today’s active signal-callers by their on-course prowess. Top of the list: Matt Ryan of the Atlanta Falcons, a near-scratch stud who clearly keeps his “Matty Ice” persona when swinging Read more…

Andrew Luck Offers A Lesson For Golf Fans, Too

When Careers End, It Hurts. But We Can Deal.
andrew luck

Andrew Luck is (was) a professional athlete. He made a lot of money entertaining millions of people for several years with his talent and hard work. He gave the state of Indiana hope that, at some point, another NFL Championship would come their way. And now he’s hanging up his spikes, in the prime of Read more…