PGA Championship Diary Day Two

Top 25 Teacher Rob Labritz Reports From Bethpage Black

Rob Labritz (Photo by Montana Pritchard/PGA of America)

In honor of Golf Tips Top 25 Instructor Rob Labritz’s sixth trip to the PGA Championship this week, I’m honored and proud to turn over my semi-regular blog to him during tournament week. The New Yorker, who’s the Director of Golf at Glenarbor Golf Club in Pound Ridge, is gearing up for a “home game” in front of family and friends just 45 minutes from where he lives and works. Every day he’s in mix he’ll provide a PGA Championship diary of his experience on and around Bethpage Black.


Today was awesome. The crowds probably doubled from yesterday. Played with three club pros, and we played just as long, all the way back again. We had a blast. On the tee at No. 7, a 225-yard par 4, about 150 people sang for my mom’s 86th birthday. She couldn’t come out in person so I took a video, put it on Instagram and Twitter. New York fans are the best.

Earlier today I went over to the Titleist trailer and had some different clubs made to get different distances dialed in. They should be in my locker by now, so I need to go get them and check them out.

The weather? It was a little chilly. We’re getting a little bit of drizzle right about now, nothing crazy. It’s supposed to get a little better, no big rain, but it keeps changing.

We played all 18. I felt really charged up. I’m still pretty jazzed up about it all. Tonight I’m going to a PGA of America corporate outing to say hello. My friend Nick and I will have some dinner tonight.

As far as practice, I continue to hit a lot of golf balls and putts, just to get a feel for the course and what I need to do. The big names are doing same thing I am — getting used to the grass, which is in perfect condition, but very thick. We are all getting our equipment dialed in, figuring out the putts, and hopefully enjoying the New York area and everything it offers.

Tomorrow I’ll get a late morning start, test the new clubs and play a few holes here and there. Maybe nine holes. Of course I’ll hit more putts tomorrow, especially some longer putts. And work on the new clubs, the hybrids and stuff, conginue to get used to the course, and go from there.

Overall I’m more getting comfortrable, feeling what the conditions are like. What the course is throwing at me. Feeling how soft or firm it is in various spots.

I’m enjoying every second of this. That’s my whole outlook this week.



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