Vijay Drill 2/11/08

A great way to eliminate blocks and hooks and develop a slight, controllable fade with the driver is to use one of Vijay Singh’s favorite drills. To begin, place a water bottle a couple of inches in front of the ball and slightly outside the target line. A proper placement of the bottle should have a profound effect on your swing path, provided you’re able to swing through to impact without making contact with the bottle. To avoid hitting the bottle, the clubhead must be moving slightly inside, immediately after impact. This eliminates an excessively inside-out attack and slows down the rotation of the clubface during contact, producing a slight left-to-right ballflight.

Swinging the club left through impact avoids hitting the bottle and produces a slight left-to-right shot. An excessively inside-out attack makes missing the bottle impossible. This path leads to hooks and blocks.


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