True Lies and Divots 6/30/08

Ball land in a divot? Don?t worry, Kevin Scheller will help you get it out and on the green.

true lies

We’ve all seen pros get upset when they get out into the fairway after a perfect drive only to find their ball in a divot. When this happens to you, don’t waste your time getting mad. Instead, think of it almost as you would a normal shot, but move the ball slightly back in your stance and select one more club than normal. Don’t attempt to swing down on the ball more than usual, but instead, think about tracing the depth of the existing divot. Let your arms be loose through impact rather than tense, and you’ll find they extend down and through nicely. Remember, solid contact is the key here, not muscle power.

“Extracting your ball from a divot isn’t that tough. Simply try to swing smoothly without getting too steep.”

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