Toe Down 2/4/08

Get Creative
When your ball settles down in greenside rough, it takes just the right touch to pull off a successful shot. In this case, yourstandard chipping stroke (played with anything from a 7-iron to a lob wedge) might not be the best play. Rather, consider this cool and slightly unorthodox option: chipping the ball with the toe of your putter. By turning your club sideways, and using a normal putting stroke, the putter blade can easily glide through the turf. When the toe makes contact with the ball, it will pop safely onto the green. WARNING: Since precise contact is key, make sure you practice this one a couple times on the chipping green before you take it to the course.

A cool and slightly unorthodox way to escape greenside grass is to chip with the toe of your putter. When you turn your putter sideways, the blade will easily glide through the turf and make solid contact with the ball.

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