Putt Chip – 5/5/08

The Putt-Chip Shot

If short chips around the green aren’t your specialty, consider a shot that resembles a putt rather than a chip. If you look closely at this photo, you’ll see I’m holding both an iron (a 9-iron) and putter. I’ve taken the iron and lifted the heel and choked down on the grip so it sets up like a putter. Try this, then when you get a feel for how a putter stacks up with the iron, ditch the putter and get ready to make a putting stroke with the iron. On the opposite page, all I’ve done is putt-chip from just off the fringe by using my regular putting grip and stroke. This shot is very effective at getting the ball rolling quickly off tight surfaces, all the while avoiding a flubbed or thinned shot.

When hitting the putt-chip, let your arms hang naturally and use a shoulder-driven putting stroke for solid results. Using a wedge, all you have to do is raise the heel and simulate a putting move. it’s a very effective shot off tight lies.


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