Draw Drill 11/12/07

Draw Drill
This drill is great for honing an inside-out swing path and learning to produce a right-to-left shot. Take two tees and set them on a 45-degree angle with the inside tee ahead of the ball and the outside tee outside the ball. Place a club on the ground with the toe facing to the left and the butt pointing at a 45-degree angle toward the ball. The key here is to swing the clubhead through the gate without touching either of the tees. Also, the clubhead should be fully released so it’s still outside the hands, but pointing directly down the target line. Notice how there’s plenty of room between the butt of the club and my body. That’s because I’ve maintained my spine angle through impact.

For most players, the inside part of the gate is the most important and most challenging. If you want to learn to hit all the way through the ball with an inside-out swing path, you must be able to strike the ball without hitting the inside tee.

The key to hitting a solid draw is to swing on an inside-out path while also fully releasing the clubhead.

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