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How to chip like a pro.

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On the PGA Tour, the ability to get up and down consistently from around the green is critical, and being a good pitcher of the ball makes saving pars a lot easier. The three basic shots you need to know are high, medium and low pitches. Master these three, and you’ll be able to handle just about any situation.

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High Shot: The high-pitch shot can be intimidating for the average player, simply because it’s an easy one to hit heavy or thin. Here’s my surefire technique: Place the ball forward in your stance, open the clubface and address the ball with your hands a bit behind it. Hinge your wrists fully in the backswing and then keep your hands slightly behind the ball through impact so they can rehinge in the finish.

Medium Shot: For a medium-trajectory pitch, place the ball in the middle of your stance and place your hands in a neutral position (equal with the ball). Hinge your wrists a bit as you bring your arms to waist height and then try to match the same position in the finish._Ê

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Low Shot: For the low pitch shot, lay the ball a bit back in your stance and allow your hands to lean slightly forward at address. Make a short backswing with little wrist hinge and then keep the club low to the ground in the followthrough.

Hitting a high pitch
requires ample
wrist hinge on the

The wrist hinge you
create in the back
swing should be
matching in the

In a medium-
trajectory shot,
waist-high is a
good place to
aim for.

Match the back
swing height in the
finish and hold it to
ingrain the proper

Low shots require
almost no wrist
hinge and a fairly
short swing.

Keep the clubhead
low to the ground
after impact.

Eric Axley just completed his third full season on the PGA Tour. So far, he has one victory and 15 top-10 finishes.

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