Pitch Right!

How to improve your chipping in two minutes' time

pitch rightIf you want to control your shots more effectively around the greens, the best thing you can do is set up with a narrow stance and always remember to keep the shaft leaning toward the target. Since it’s a chip shot, you don’t have to worry about releasing the club; instead, you want to hold the face square to ensure optimal directional control. This setup position also helps to avoid flubbed chipped shots—one of the most embarrassing and avoidable shots in golf.

Use your left arm as a guide for how much lean is needed, and remember to keep the clubface square to the target. In the illustration, notice how my shaft and left arm form a straight line. That’s all the lean you need. Any more, and you might top it. Any less, and you’ll lose consistency. During the stroke, maintain this forward-shaft lean position. You’ll see how easy it is to hit straight and accurate chips more often.

To chip with consistency, remember to keep your hands ahead of the golf ball. This will help you control trajectory and spin on shots around the green.

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