Here’s The Pitch

Here's The Pitch Golfers who are confused about the amount of body action normally associated with a pitch shot can learn from the simple mental image of pitching horseshoes. During this underhanded motion, the arms and body work together in response to the target. The body parts don’t need to be consciously controlled; rather they should react naturally to the command of pitching the horseshoe based on what the eyes see as a target._Ê

When pitching the ball onto the front edge of the green, imagine the landing area as the stake in a game of horseshoes. To execute the shot, use an underhanded pitching motion like you would to throw a ringer around the stake. By simply allowing your body to respond naturally to the target, your distance control and accuracy are sure to improve.

Rick DePamphilis, a PGA Master professional, has published over 50 instruction articles in eight different publications in his career. He’s currently director of instruction at Sun ‘N Air Golf Learning Center in Danvers, Mass.

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