Wiggle Your Toes

Wiggle ToesPosture and balance in golf are extremely important if you want to be a consistent ballstriker. In fact, in all sports, balance is paramount. The next time you thumb through a sports magazine, look for a baseball player awaiting a pitch at the plate or a quarterback set in the pocket and ready to throw. In every case, you’ll immediately recognize the high level of balance all professional athletes possess.

In golf, balance is critical at all areas of the swing, which means that you must be balanced at address. At address, I imagine that I’ve centered my body so that if someone tried to push me in any direction, I’d be able to hold my ground effortlessly. The next time you’re on the range, ask a friend to gently push you while you’re in your setup. If you’re not centered, you’ll fall off balance quite easily, even with just a two-finger nudge.

To prevent this from happening, establish your balance at address so that you feel as comfortable as possible–don’t let tension creep into any part of your setup. A key checkpoint is that your weight is centered over the arches of both feet. You’ll know when you’re over your arches when you can wiggle your toes in your shoes.

That’s right–wiggle your toes! If you can’t, then you’re out of balance and leaning too far forward in your posture position. Relax, get comfortable and get those toes to wiggle. Then you’ll be in balance.

Former LPGA Tour player Debbie Steinbach instructs at The Reserve in Indian Wells, Calif.

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