Watch The Watch

Watch The Watch Like anyone else, I have days when I’m not hitting the ball as crisply as I’d like. If I’m blocking my golf shots or hitting weak pushes, I always go back to basics and make sure I’m releasing the clubhead. Once I start releasing the clubhead properly again, I’ll regain my distance—and my accuracy.

A good drill you can use to develop a proper release is to look at your watch. At address, the face points toward the target. During the backswing, as the left wrist and forearm roll to the inside, the dial faces directly away from you, then skyward. Returning to impact on the downswing, the wrist and forearm roll targetward, and the face of your watch should again point toward the target. (You can also use the logo on the back of your glove.)

Golfers who chronically slice the ball often allow their watch faces to remain pointing skyward—or straight ahead—at impact. This leaves the clubface open to the target line.

Practicing this motion with the left wrist and forearm will help eliminate weak blocks or pushes and produce more powerful shots.

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