Trigger It

Trigger ItYou can’t fire a gun unless you pull the trigger, right? A similar concept also applies to the golf swing, which also usually requires a trigger move to get the body moving. Now, not everyone has a trigger, some manage to swing well from a static position to a dynamic position. But for the rest of us who often find confusion when it comes to where to start the golf swing, a trigger move can help you start swinging in a fluid and consistent manner.

For an example of golfers with trigger moves, consider the great Jack Nicklaus. Nicklaus initiated (and still does) his backswing by turning his head slightly to the right. While this may not be the best move for most amateurs, other greats, such as Gary Player and Vijay Singh, utilize the knee as an effective trigger move to initiate the proper weight shift toward the back foot.

Let’s look at how it works and how it can help you. First, from the address position, kick the right knee in toward the ball and hold it. You should feel your weight has shifted to the right! Now, start over and repeat the knee kick only for a second, then begin your backswing. This trigger move allows you to begin your golf swing from a dynamic (moving) position, as opposed to a static (still) position, which helps maintain a smooth and steady swing.

The knee trigger is just one of many moves that can help ease tension and get the swing underway. Experiment on the range and find your own trigger. You’ll soon see that a little movement goes a long way toward producing better results.

Southern California-based Bobby Hinds, PGA, is one of the area’s most popular instructors, thanks to his back-to-basics approach to swing fundamentals. To learn more, call (818) 787-8163.

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