Squat For Power

Squat For Power Squat For Power
To begin the downswing, I squat to create leverage. The squat disappears as my left leg straightens, however. This move creates tremendous power and speed.  My extra-long swing length results from bending my left arm and cupping the left wrist. It’s all okay if I return to a squared potition at impact.  To start my downswing, I employ a classic power lifter’s squat position. To some, it appears I’m having a tug-of-war with the weight of the clubhead. this is very similar to pictures of the legendary Sam Snead at the same point in the swing. It’s important to note that my body drops slightly due to the increase in knee flex as I yank on the handle of the club with my legs, stomach and trunk, not my hands.  By primarily using my body, I can explode into the golf ball with everything I’ve got without any undue hand action.

Brian Pavlet catured the RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship in 1993.            d-cobracomp454.jpg


Power Tools: Brian Pavlet competes with the Cobra 454 Comp driver, a top choice for pro long drivers and recreational big hitters who need accurate distance. The Comp design incorporates both titanium and graphite components.        

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