The 4-Step Putting Routine

Far easy steps to drain more putts

If you don’t prepare correctly, odds are, no matter how good you read the greens or how fluid your stroke may be, you may still find yourself missing putts.

Get Fit!

Match the right putter to your stroke

The other day, I was reading through a club company’s literature and saw that they were offering 15 different putter models for their 2011 line.

Drop 10 Strokes In 10 Minutes

Score your best in 2011, quickly!

It’s a new year. It’s a new you. It’s time to kick those bad swing habits and make 2011 the year you play your best golf ever.

From 150 Yards Out

Knock it stiff on your approach shots–no matter what the lie

Here’s the good news: You’ve just hit your drive to within 150 yards of the green.

My Favorite Tips And Drills

Quick tips and easy drills to finish the year with your best golf

Just because the golf season is near a close, there’s still plenty of work to do if you want to keep your swing fresh and up to par for the next golf season.

Power Tips & Drills

Learn to hit it big with my 10 simple drills and tips

At the top of your swing, if your body doesn’t rotate properly so that your weight and balance are too much on your left side, (so that your body resembles a C), you’ll not only lose a lot of power, but also slice or pull your shots.

Putt 4 Dough

Drain Putts From All Over The Green

Line up three balls about 10 feet from the cup.

Play Like A Pro

11 Tips To Help You Play Your Best

Every week, TV audiences are mesmerized by PGA Tour pros. It’s easy to understand why.

5 Shots 1 Club

(Sand Wedge, That Is)

The most successful golfers are the most creative ones. (Consider how inventive Phil Mickelson is when his tee shots get him in trouble.)

Characteristics Of Great Chipping

Get Up And Down In A Hurry!

Hitting better chip shots requires a few fundamentals, most of which get overlooked by beginner and better players alike.