Lengthen The Right

Lengthen The Right Golfers often talk about the importance of keeping a straight left arm during the backswing. Equally important, but seldom discussed, is the value of keeping the right arm straight during the first two feet of the takeaway. I see many amateurs bend their right elbow too much at address–which causes incorrect posture–and fold their right elbow too quickly as they take the club back. These right elbow flaws create a lifting action and produce a too-narrow swing arc, robbing players of their power potential.

When you practice, try to keep your right elbow extended as much as possible from the start position until the club is parallel to the ground. Let the natural hinging of the golf club and the rotation of your shoulders allow your right elbow to bend at its natural position–the top of the backswing.

Lengthening your right arm during the first two feet of the takeaway will widen your swing arc and add power to your drives and iron shots.

Contributing Editor Art Sellinger is a two-time National Long Drive champion. He plays with Pinnacle and Cobra golf equipment.

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