Grip It Right

Gripping the putter correctly will improve your contact

1 A proper putting grip is one where you grip the club in the palm of your hand, not in the fingers. This helps keep the wrists quiet through the stroke. So how do you do this? First place your left hand on the handle all by itself with your index finger going down the grip–just as you see in the picture. 2 After your left hand is on, fold your left index finger back around the grip and place your right hand on. As you do this, make sure the lifeline of your right hand fits into your left thumb. Also make sure your palms face each other.
3 Notice when I put my index finger down the grip, how it’s now in the palm of my hand, or rather the middle of the hand. Also notice how the clubshaft and my left forearm form one straight line. This will help keep the clubhead on a good path in the stroke. 4 When I place my right hand on from this angle, I want to make sure my forearms are parallel to each other. One should not be higher than the other. For example, if you placed a club across them, the club would be parallel to the target line. This will help keep the clubhead on a good path and help the clubface stay square at address.

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  1. @Legend: The “lifeline” is the line on your palm that runs from the heel of your palm (at the wrist), pinky-side, to the first joint of one of your fingers. It bisects the palm. If you hold your hand palmside up and roll your thumb inward, you can see it.

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