Don’t Spill The Dishes

Dont Spill The Dishes Many amateurs allow their right elbow to move too far away from their body at the top of the backswing, so that their elbow is pointing behind them, almost in the position of a baseball player in a batting stance. This flying right elbow at the top of the swing is a frequent cause of a nasty pull or slice.

If this sounds like you, at address, make sure that your right elbow is relaxed, close to your body and pointing downward. Then, to keep your elbow in at the top of the backswing, visualize yourself as a waiter carrying a tray of dishes. To avoid tipping the tray, you must keep your right forearm in a more vertical position. This will help keep your elbow in, discourage a cutting-across motion on the downswing and, hopefully, eliminate your slices or pulled shots.

Former teaching professional and touring pro Al Wagner founded Diamondhead Golf Club Manufacturing Company.

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