Get In Line To Sink More Putts

Use this fail-safe system to save crucial strokes on the green
Get In Line To Sink More Putts

Where you are aiming and where you think you are aiming are often different. I encourage the use of alignment rods to get truly on line.

Find a straight putt on the practice green and place an alignment stick parallel to the right of the target line (Photo 1).

When you set up make sure that the face of the putter is perpendicular to the stick, this may take some getting used to if you have been off line. When you start the stroke make sure that the putter swings slightly to the inside with the face square to the arc of the stroke (Photo 2).

Get In Line To Sink More Putts

This is true of any grip; as you can see I use the left-hand low method but it also applies to a more traditional grip, the “claw,” etc. As you hold the finish the putter face should be going down the target line with a flat left wrist (Photos 3-5).

Get In Line To Sink More Putts

Do that consistently on all putts and you’ll watch a lot more of them go in (Photo 6).

A good example of a PGA Tour pro to watch is Jordan Spieth, who seems to make more putts than anyone, especially in that all-important middle-distance range of five to 15 feet.

Bobby Hinds is a PGA teaching professional at Woodley Lakes Golf Course in Van Nuys, Calif.

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